Is a Nikon D3300 a DSLR camera?

Is a Nikon D3300 a DSLR camera?

Nikon D3300 is a 24.2-megapixel DX format DSLR Nikon F-mount camera officially launched by Nikon on 7 January 2014. It was marketed as an entry-level DSLR camera for beginners (offering tutorial- and improved guide-mode) and experienced DSLR hobbyist who were ready for more advanced specs and performance.

How long does a Nikon D3300 last?

Acording to CIPA standards the nikon d3300 has a battery life of 700 shots. This is calculated by shooting around half of the shots with flash and other criteria.

Is Nikon D3300 good for YouTube?

More videos on YouTube The D3300 turns in decent low light video, with a bit of noise in the shadows and slightly softer details than we’d like.

Is Nikon D3300 good for YouTube videos?

The D3300 doesn’t have great subject-following auto focus for video, so unless you stay very still sitting in your chair (“talking head” in videography parlance) or you have somebody manning the camera, I wouldn’t recommend it for your particular need.

Does D3300 shoot 4K video?

It may not shoot 4K video or offer a curved LCD (those shows are all about the tech trends) but it does represent the next generation of Nikon’s very popular entry-level DSLR line, and that in itself is noteworthy.

Does Nikon D3300 have WIFI?

The D3300 does not have built in Wi-Fi. The D3300 requires the WU-1a wireless adaptor to connect to any iOS/Android device.

Is Nikon D3300 good for videography?

Video Quality At its highest resolution and 60p framerate, the D3300 produces very good, detailed video. At this framerate action is quite smooth, so it might be ideal for things like casual video of kids’ sporting events.

How long can a Nikon D3300 record video?

20 minutes
The 1080p/60p video spec adopted by the D5300 trickles down to the D3300. Maximum clip record time is 20 minutes, and H. 264/MPEG-4 compression is used.

Can I connect Nikon D3300 to phone?

Can Nikon D3300 Wi-Fi?

Does the Nikon D3300 have WiFi?

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