Is Grand i10 good for hills?

Is Grand i10 good for hills?

User Review on Hyundai i10 [2010-2017] Asta 1.2 with Sunroof 1 High BHP engine will give more speed as the weight of the car is less at 860 kgs. Power to weight ratio is very good. This in turn helps overtaking quickly which is extremely essential in the Hills as safe distances are very short.

Is Hyundai i10 grand a good car?

Very good driving experience, smooth to drive, good pick up, very nice to see, this was the car I drove for last five year, enjoyed driving a lot, servicing and maintenance was also very good.

What is ground clearance of i10?

Hyundai i10 has a ground clearance of 165mm which is pretty decent for this segment of cars. As far its competitors are concerned, A Star, Ritz, Wagon R and Ford Figo have a ground clearance of 170mm, 170mm, 165mm and 168mm respectively.

Is Hyundai i10 slow?

What is it like to drive? The fastest Hyundai i10 does 0-62mph in 12.6 seconds, which is very, very slow indeed.

Is Grand i10 better than swift?

Swift provides the mileage of 23.2 kmpl and Grand i10 provides the mileage of 19.77 kmpl….Swift vs Grand i10 Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights Swift Grand i10
Engine Capacity 1197 cc 1197 cc
Power 89 bhp 81 bhp
Transmission Manual Manual
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol

Is Grand i10 bigger than Swift?

In appearance, the two are quite distinct from each other, with the Grand i10 looking a little smaller than the Swift….Exterior.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Hyundai Grand i10
Length 3,840mm 3,765mm
Width 1,735mm 1,660mm
Height 1,530mm 1,520mm
Wheelbase 2,450mm 2,425mm

Which one is better i10 or Swift?

What is difference between i10 and Grand i10?

The Hyundai Grand i10 is available in 1197 cc engine with 2 fuel type options: Petrol and CNG and Hyundai i10 [2010-2017] is available in 1086 cc engine with 2 fuel type options: Petrol and LPG….Grand i10 vs i10 [2010-2017] Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights Grand i10 i10 [2010-2017]
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol

Are Hyundai cars unsafe?

Hyundai cars are safe Hyundai cars are known to be pretty safe with rigid body structure, well-placed crumple zones and a plethora of safety features like ABS with EBS, emergency stop signal, airbags etc.

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