Is Projekt masculine or feminine in German?

Is Projekt masculine or feminine in German?

The German term “Projekt” matches the English term “plan, project, scheme” Gender is often a difficult thing for language learners to master. The German language introduces a neutral gender as well as feminine and masculine. The neutral gender exists for words that the traditional genders don’t apply to.

What is the plural of Das Papier?

it’s „die Papiere“ when you have several different papers. But its das „Papier“ if it is one single piece of paper.

Is it DAS or der computer?

» Mit dem Computer lassen sich Berechnungen in Sekunden durchführen, für die Adam Riese Jahrzehnte gebraucht hätte….Declension Computer.

Singular Plural
Nom. der Computer die Computer
Gen. des Computers der Computer
Dat. dem Computer den Computern
Acc. den Computer die Computer

What is the plural of Deutsch?

Declension Deutsch

Singular Plural
Nom. das Deutsch
Gen. des Deutsch(s)
Dat. dem Deutsch
Acc. das Deutsch

How do you know if a word is feminine or masculine in German?

The gender of German nouns can be identified by the article they take; der for masculine, die for feminine and das for neuter. While native German speakers intuitively know which article to use, it is best for German learners to learn the article together with the noun.

How do you write Sie?

Note that German has three different forms of sie. Often the only way to tell which one is meant is to notice the verb ending and/or the context in which the pronoun is used….Take Care When Using ‘Du’ and ‘Sie’

Nominative Singular
Sie you (formal, plural) Kommen Sie heute? (Are you [all] coming today?)

What gender is Papier in German?

Gender. The gender of Papier is neuter. E.g. das Papier.

What is German paper?

Vark, also called varak (also silver leaf, German paper), is any leaf composed of pure metals, typically silver but sometimes gold, used on South Asian sweets. The silver is edible, though flavorless. Varak is made by pounding silver into sheets, a few micrometres(µm) thick, typically 0.2 µm-0.8 µm.

What is the plural of computer in Italian?

2 Nouns you do not change in the plural

il film the film
il computer the computer
i computer the computers
la Jeep® the Jeep®
le Jeep® the Jeeps®

What is the plural of Maus?

The plural of mouse is mice. Domestic mice sold as pets often differ substantially in size from the common house mouse.

What is the plural of Norman?

Norman (plural Normans)

What is the plural of Mexicano?

Noun. mexicano m (plural mexicanos, feminine mexicana, feminine plural mexicanas)

What is sie plural in English?

you (plural, informal) Sie. you (singular or plural, formal) sie. they.

What Sie means?

Here are the three meanings: she = sie. they = sie. you (polite) = Sie. And to make it not too easy (just kidding) you have to know that we have two different words in German for the English personal pronoun you: 1) du.

What is Blatt paper?

Blatt Papier, das ~ (Blatt) sheet, the ~ Noun. ‐ paper used for writing or printing.

What was German money called in 1919?

Issuance of the Danzig Papiermark

Issue Value
1918 First 20ℳ
1918 Second 50₰
1919 50₰

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