Is Swazi and Zulu the same?

Is Swazi and Zulu the same?

The official term is “siSwati” among native speakers; in English, Zulu, Ndebele or Xhosa it may be referred to as Swazi.

Who are the Swazis?

Swazi, Bantu-speaking people inhabiting the tree-studded grasslands of Swaziland, the neighbouring Mpumalanga province of South Africa, and Mozambique. The Swazi, who are chiefly agriculturists and pastoralists, numbered about 1,810,000 in the late 20th century.

Is Swaziland safe?

Crime levels are low, but street crimes and burglaries do occur, sometimes involving violence. Vehicles have been taken at gunpoint. Avoid walking in the downtown areas of Mbabane and Manzini after dark and do not travel around in remote rural areas unless in a group.

What are Swazi people known for?

The culture of Swazi people involves music, food, religion, architecture, and kinship, among many other things. The Swazi people are composed of various Nguni clans who speak the Nguni language siSwati. These people mostly reside in Eswatini and South Africa.

How do you greet in Swati?


  1. Hello – Sawubona.
  2. How are you? – Unjani?
  3. I am fine. – Ngikhona/Ngiyaphila (directly translates to “I am here/I am well”
  4. I am fine, thank you. – Ngikhona, ngiyabonga.
  5. Stay well – Sala kahle.
  6. Travel Safely (As a goodbye) – Hamba Kahle.
  7. Good evening – Lishonile.
  8. Good luck – ngikufisela inhlanhla.

Where does the Swazi tribe come from?

How do you say sorry in Swati?

A collection of useful phrases in Swati, a Bantu language spoken in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) and South Africa….Useful phrases in Swati (siSwati)

Phrase siSwati (Swati)
Sorry Ngiyacolisa Ncesi
Please Ngiyacela
Thank you Ngiyabonga Ngiyabonga kakhulu
Reply to thank you Wemukelekile

What is brother in Swati?

Zulu Translate | Swati > English. brother: ENGLISH > SWATI. billy adj-1 Indvodza sibling nom1 murathu brother nom4 umzalwane brother murathu Indvodza brother umzalwane.

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