Is World Trigger manga finished?

Is World Trigger manga finished?

“World Trigger” manga will go on a 1-month-long hiatus and resume in the special December issue that will go on sale on November 4, 2021.

Why is Ninomiya not in a rank?

History. Ninomiya Squad was formerly in A-rank and part of the Expedition Force. However, due to Hatohara’s unwillingness to shoot people, they were removed from the force. Afterwards, they were demoted to B-rank as punishment when Hatohara broke the rules by giving Triggers to citizens.

How old is Chika from World Trigger?

17 years old
She is 17 years old.

What chapter is World Trigger at?

After a long wait, the new chapter 218 of World Trigger is finally confirmed on February 3rd, 2022. The new chapter is coming out almost one month after the release of chapter 217. Due to the simultaneous release of the new chapter, the release time will differ according to your region.

Does Hyuse join Tamakoma 2?

He is invited by several B-Rank agents to join their squads, but he refuses since he is obliged to join Tamakoma Second. He returns to Tamakoma Branch, where he discusses his Fights with the top Attackers of Border. Usami gives Hyuse his uniform, making him an official part of Tamakoma Second.

Who is the MC in World Trigger?


Japanese Romanized
三雲 修 Mikumo Osamu

What rank is Yūma Kuga?

4))Yuma Kuga: despite using a normal trigger at a moment in Border, he is still quite strong. His combat experience his insane. His B-rank trigger permites him to do many things such as : use Grasshopper, use Bagworm, use scorpion and shield.

Who is the 4th member of Tamakoma 2?

Short Summary. After concluding mock Wars against Ikoma and Tachikawa, Hyuse returns to Tamakoma Branch’s base to officially joins Tamakoma Second as the fourth combatant.

What is Osamu side effect?

Osamu’s main Trigger, which he chose when joining Border. It is a defensive Trigger, it has low strength but high durability, and is capable of shapeshifting.

Does Yuma get his body back?

Yuma’s father sacrificed his own life by giving up all his trions to make a Black Trigger. He then sealed Yuma’s severed body inside the black trigger, which takes the form of a ring. Yuma was later revived into an artificial Trion body.

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