What are all the achievements in goat simulator?

What are all the achievements in goat simulator?

Steam Achievements

Icon Name Description
Boulder of Death Boulder of Death Hit the party with the Boulder of Death.
Builder Goat Builder Goat Find all the blocks
Butthurt Butthurt Do a lot of hurt. With your butt.
Cardio kills your gains Cardio kills your gains Drag a person into the treadmill with your tongue.

How do you get the achievement dodge this in goat simulator?

Make sure the Hillbilly never drives again. Dodge This is a Steam achievement. The Hillbilly is the orange car doing donuts in the Field. You must find the Boulder of Death behind the Party and place it in the Hillbilly’s path.

Do you get the angel goat in goat simulator?

For the goat mutator, please see Angel Goat (Mutator). Do no evil. To earn this achievement, you must refrain from attacking people for 5 minutes. Attacking a person resets the timer but does not disqualify you from earning the achievement.

What is the world record for the highest score in goat simulator?

Possibly because 214873632 is the highest score possible in the whole game.

Where is the last trophy in goat simulator?

It’s on a box on the left side before the goats.

How can I stop Hillbilly?

The only way to destroy the Hillbilly is to hit it with the Boulder of Death, which will cause it to explode. It’s also possible to make the car completely harmless by toasting it with Toaster Goat mutator, which makes it permeable.

Where is the boulder of death?

The Boulder of Death is located in the woods on a hill behind the Party. Lick or push the boulder down the hill into the party.

What does the VR mutator do in goat simulator?

The new Goat Simulator for PS4 includes a unique new Mutator: VR mode. This Mutator completely transforms the Goat Simulator perspective to a fisheye lens mode, moving the camera behind the shoulder and distorting the display. VR doesn’t actually change your abilities, just the perspective.

How do you wall run hard in goat simulator?

To wall run, press Shift to run, then jump at a wall while running forward. To earn this achievement. you must wall run for 10 seconds. Your goat cannot do this all in one run, so you must achieve it by hopping from wall to wall.

How do you unlock snail goat?

Unlock Requirement

  1. Reach Level 15 in Goat MMO Simulator on console and PC.
  2. You have to collect twenty MMO Trophies in the mobile version.

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