What battery does the LaTrax Teton use?

What battery does the LaTrax Teton use?

7.2v NiMH battery
Teton includes an iD-equipped 7.2v NiMH battery and convenient AC wall outlet charger. This potent pack features heavy-duty construction, 16-gauge wires and Traxxas’ exclusive patented High-Current Connector for efficient power transfer, run after run. Everything you need is in the box, even 4 AA alkaline batteries!

Can LaTrax use LiPo batteries?

Your model is able to use LiPo batteries. Charging and discharging batteries has the potential for fire, explosion, serious injury, and property damage if not performed per the instructions.

How fast does the Traxxas LaTrax rally go?

Its top speed of 17mph on the included 5-cell NiMH pack is fast enough to impress, especially for the first-time drivers the car is aimed at. Additional LaTrax batteries are offered as 6-cell packs, which boost speed to 20mph.

Is LaTrax part of Traxxas?

Today, LaTrax is powered by Traxxas and is staying true to its heritage by offering fun, high-quality, radio-controlled models that are backed by world-class Traxxas customer support, and priced under $200.

How fast is the Traxxas LaTrax Teton?

20 mph
Both the SST and the Teton are capable of reaching speeds of up to 32 Km/h (AKA 20 mph) and are extremely stable on their wheels, at least when driving on relatively flat surfaces.

Is traxxas LaTrax waterproof?

LaTrax 370 Motor and Electronic Speed Control The all-weather electronic speed control (ESC) is completely waterproof for R/C driving fun in all conditions.

How fast does the LaTrax desert prerunner go?

LaTrax NiMH battery packs deliver 20mph speed and quick acceleration.

Does traxxas own LaTrax?

LaTrax is Powered by Traxxas! And Traxxas is truly unique, providing an experience that is inspired by passion for horsepower, performance, and fun. When you own a Traxxas or LaTrax vehicle, you are part of the Traxxas family, and we will be there with you every step of the way.

Who makes LaTrax?

Traxxas is a radio control model manufacturer based in McKinney, Texas. Traxxas offers electric and nitro powered radio-controlled cars, off-road and on-road vehicles, boats, and drones….Traxxas.

Type Private
Revenue $25 million – $50 million annually
Owner Mike Jenkins
Website www.traxxas.com

Is the LaTrax Teton worth it?

We’ve owned the Teton now for a couple months, and it’s a much better truck than the Dromida. It’s a little more expensive, but it’s worth it. We’ve got a couple hours on it and several hard crashes and nothing has broken. It’s faster than the Dromida, especially in race mode.

What size is a LaTrax Teton?

11.6 x 8.6 x 8.8 inches
Product information

Manufacturer ‎Traxxas
OEM Part Number ‎76054-5-REDX
Theme ‎Truck
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎11.6 x 8.6 x 8.8 inches
Item Weight ‎4 Pounds

How long does the LaTrax prerunner battery last?

Just keep in mind that at 1:18 scale, it’s a bit small, so tall grass and large gravel won’t work for it. The Prerunner is plenty fast, even if it doesn’t have a top-tier brushless motor or a Li-Po battery. Runtime is about 15 minutes per 3.5-hour charge, which is a bit frustrating, but normal for a NiMH battery.

Is the LaTrax prerunner waterproof?

Can I use LiPo batteries instead of NiMH?

Most people will eventually upgrade to LiPo after getting used to running their RC car or buggy on a NiMH battery. The main attractions to LiPo batteries are more speed, more “punch” off the line and more consistent power during the duration of the run compared to NiMH batteries.

Are LiPo batteries better than NiMH?

The weight/power ratio in LiPo batteries is significantly better. LiPo batteries are noticeably lighter and they can store the same amount or more energy relative to their capacity than NiMH batteries. The power output of LiPo batteries is greater in quality and quantity.

Are Traxxas cars made in China?

The Traxxas offices are indeed in Texas, but the factory where everything Traxxas is made is in Taiwan.

Is LaTrax any good?

4.0 out of 5 starsGood car but… To start with, this little guy is far superior to the junky R/C vehicles you find at the big box stores. It has fully independent suspension, a pro style controller, real oil-filled shocks and rubber tires. It’s fun to drive, fast and responsive.

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