What does Bellata mean?

What does Bellata mean?

The place name Bellata could be derived from the local Aboriginal word meaning “kangaroo” or possibly “home of belar trees”. Bellata. New South Wales.

How far is Bellata from Narrabri?

The village of Bellata, located 42km north of Narrabri on the Newell Highway, has a long and proud history in agriculture due to the surrounding rich productive black basalt soils.

What shire is Bellata in?

Narrabri Shire Council
Narrabri :: Narrabri Shire Council: Bellata, Edgeroi and Baan Baa. Bellata is a welcoming town in the centre of a rich agricultural area. The town boasts a primary school and preschool for local families.

What region is Narrabri?

north west NSW
The Narrabri Region is the heart of the rich Namoi Valley located in north west NSW.

Is Narrabri a good place to live?

A prosperous and desirable place to live, Narrabri has a strong cultural heritage and a lively community atmosphere. Residents enjoy great shopping, sporting facilities and a great way of life with all the trimmings of city living such as trendy cafés and restaurants and a state-of-the-art theatre complex.

What is Narrabri known for?

Today, Narrabri is the administrative heart of the second richest agricultural Shire in Australia. Not only is it in the centre of a major cotton growing industry, it boasts other agricultural industries such as wheat, beef and lamb.

What LGA is Gunnedah?

Gunnedah is in the local government area of ‘Gunnedah’. The ‘Gunnedah’ local government area is classified as an ‘Area’….Local government area for Gunnedah, NSW.

Name Distance (km)
Nemingha 71.5 km
Barraba 74 km

Is yarrie Lake road sealed?

Yarrie Lake is also a great spot for caravans, motorhomes and tents, and some powered sites are available. The road is sealed from Narrabri up to one kilometre from the amenities block. Those wishing to use the lake for skiing must apply for a licence through the Yarrie Lake Flora & Fauna Reserve Trust.

What aboriginal tribe is in Narrabri?

The Kamilaroi (pronunciation: Gam–ill–a–roy) people were the first inhabitants of the Narrabri Region. Radiating from Narrabri, their land extends north to Goondiwindi, west to Lightning Ridge and south to Quirindi.

Is Narrabri a good investment?

The median rent in Narrabri for houses is $400 per week and the median rental yield is 5.69%. Stock on the market for houses/townhouses has changed -32.56% compared to last year and the average time to sell a house/townhouse is 190 days.

Is Narrabri a good place to invest?

If you are looking for an investment property, consider houses in Narrabri rent out for $400 PW with an annual rental yield of 6.4% and units rent for $240 PW with a rental yield of 5.2%. Based on five years of sales, Narrabri has seen a compound growth rate of 7.3% for houses.

Does Gunnedah have snow?

The highest daily maximum temperature recorded was 48.7 °C (119.7 °F), on 24 January 1882; the lowest daily maximum temperature recorded was 4.4 °C (39.9 °F), on 4 August 1921. Snowfall is very rare, with the most recent occurrence in 1984.

What’s Gunnedah famous for?

Gunnedah is a middle-sized New South Wales country town which lies on a ridge above the Namoi and Mooki Rivers. It is an important service centre in an agriculturally rich area known for its beef cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, wheat, lucerne, barley, cotton, canola, sunflowers, oats, corn and sorghum.

Can you swim in Yarrie Lake?

Although some visitors who are used to the pristine clear waters of the coast and tableland waterways may be deterred from swimming in Yarrie Lake, we can assure them that the water is quite suitable for swimming and water activities.

Is Yarrie Lake man made?

Just a few kilometres west of the scientific wonder of Australia Telescope lies an unexplained wonder of the natural variety. Yarrie Lake, a three kilometre saucer shaped expanse of water on the very edge of the Pilliga Forest is thought to have been formed by a falling meteor many thousands of years ago.

Is Coonabarabran an Aboriginal name?

Coonabarabran was surveyed in 1859 and gazetted a shire in 1906, its name derived from an Aboriginal word meaning “inquisitive person.” Lying along the Newell and Oxley highways, with regular air and rail services to Sydney (210 miles [340 km] southeast), the town serves an area of wheat and sheep farming, horticulture …

What Aboriginal country is Gunnedah?

Kamilaroi People Print Page The Gunnedah Shire has a proud, rich and vibrant aboriginal heritage and is the traditional land of the Gunn-e-darr people of the Kamilaroi Tribe.

What is it like living in Gunnedah?

A warm, welcoming community and diverse economy create awesome. lifestyle opportunities. We offer a relaxed lifestyle, but definitely not a. sleepy one – Gunnedah offers something for everyone whether you are young, startingout and looking for a career, a family seeking an ideal living and working.

Is yarrie Lake man made?

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