What grip is used to hit a backhand in tennis?

What grip is used to hit a backhand in tennis?

continental grip
The continental grip is often used for a single handed backhand grip. The more the racket is turned away from the body (” 1 o’clock” position above) the more the thumb is placed at the back of the racket as a back-bone to the backhand shot. This grip is often referred to as the Eastern backhand grip.

What is Federer’s backhand grip?

Roger uses the standard backhand grip which is basically an eastern backhand grip. He switches it slightly for when he slices the ball. This grip allows Federer to hit his backhand with both power and top spin. As you can see in the top knuckle (the index finger) is practically in line with the frame of the racket.

What grip do you use for one-handed backhand?

eastern backhand grip
The grip for the one-handed backhand is eastern backhand grip, which is very similar to how we would grip the handlebar of a bicycle. Basically, we have to place the index finger’s knuckle on the first bevel of the grip, which is the top side if we put the racket perpendicular to the ground.

What are the 2 types of a backhand hits in tennis?

A double-handed backhand is commonly held with the dominant hand holding a continental grip and your other hand above your dominant hand on the handle. A one-handed backhand is usually one held with a reverse eastern grip.

What is the most common tennis grip?

Semi Western Grip
Semi Western Grip The semi-western is the most common tennis forehand grip you’ll find in tennis today, and it is used by many of the top players. The benefit of this grip is that it allows for a great deal of wrist motion, whilst also allowing the player to hit through the ball.

What backhand grip does Tsitsipas use?

Eastern Backhand grip
Roger Federer and Stefanos Tsitsipas both use the Eastern Backhand grip or a slight variation of it.

What grip does Djokovic use on his backhand?

Continental grip
Djokovic holds the racket with a Continental grip with his right (dominant) hand and a semi-Western forehand grip with his left (non-dominant) hand. It’s one of the most advantageous ways to hold the racket to produce maximum power and spin.

What is the Eastern backhand grip?

The Eastern Backhand grip is obtained when placing the hand such that the base knuckle of the index finger and heel of the hand are right on bevel #1. This grip allows for significant spin and control. The opposite face of the racket is used compared to the Eastern forehand.

What is the fastest backhand in tennis?

110 mph
Among the main ones are Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Sergi Bruguera, Marat Safin, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, David Nalbandian (owning the fastest recorded backhand at 110 mph (180 km/h)), Nikolay Davydenko, Lleyton Hewitt, Daniil Medvedev, and Gilles Simon.

What grip does Coco Gauff use?

Indeed, the lower-hand grip allows Coco to play her aggressive game extensively. It is inarguably one of the crucial factors behind the teenager’s rapid growth in WTA.

Why is Djokovic’s backhand so good?

And he does so in a way that is loose, flowing and smooth, where he relaxes his shoulders and wrists to comfortably lower the racket head. When Djokovic lowers the racket head, he bends his knees and positions his body so he is really getting under the ball, allowing him to swing from low to high.

What backhand grip do pros use?

The western backhand grip gained a lot of popularity among pro players in the past 15 years because it allows players to generate a lot of topspin from the backhand side. Richard Gasquet, Stan Wawrinka, Justine Henin, Carla Suarez Navarro and Roger Federer (at times) are among players who use western grips.

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