What happens to Commander Shelby in Star Trek?

What happens to Commander Shelby in Star Trek?

Commander Shelby led the Away Team that rescued Picard from the Borg Cube and the Enterprise was able to disable the enemy ship. Afterward, Shelby returned to Starfleet Command to lead a task force to rebuild the fleet after the Battle of Wolf 359.

Who is Commander Shelby from Star Trek?

Risha Denney
Captain Elizabeth Shelby (Risha Denney), Star Trek: Hidden Frontier. Commodore Elizabeth Paula Shelby (Risha Denney) is the commanding officer of the USS Excelsior (NCC-77246), the lead starship stationed at Deep Space 12, as well as the acting commander of the 12th Fleet.

Who is Elizabeth Shelby?

Shelby’s first assignment out of the Academy was as an ensign aboard the USS Repulse (ST video game: Starship Creator Warp II). She served on four other ships following that assignment, and by 2366, was a full grade lieutenant serving as chief engineer of the USS Yosemite.

Is Elizabeth Dennehy related to Brian?

Dennehy is the daughter of actor Brian Dennehy. She trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

How old is Elizabeth Dennehy?

61 years (October 1, 1960)Elizabeth Dennehy / Age

How is Lizzie a Shelby?

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Shelby (née Stark) is the second wife of Thomas Shelby, mother of Ruby Shelby and stepmother of Thomas’ elder son, Charles Shelby. She was a former prostitute, living in the city of Small Heath, Birmingham, before working with the Shelby Family and becoming Thomas’ secretary.

Is Ruby Tommy Shelby’s daughter?

Ruby Shelby was the daughter of Thomas Shelby and Lizzie Stark.

Who is Brian Dennehy’s daughter?

Elizabeth Dennehy
Kathleen DennehySarah DennehyDeirdre Dennehy
Brian Dennehy/Daughters

What did Brian Dennehy died from?

SepsisBrian Dennehy / Cause of death

After his first marriage ended in divorce in 1987, he married Jennifer Arnott, an Australian, in 1988, and they had two children, a boy and a girl. Dennehy died on April 15, 2020, of cardiac arrest due to sepsis, unrelated to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. in New Haven, Connecticut.

Who played high priestess in Guardians 2?

Elizabeth Debicki
Elizabeth Debicki portrayed Ayesha in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and will reprise the role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

Why is Tommy with Lizzie?

Knowing that Linda planned to divorce Arthur, Lizzie reveals that she too found a lawyer willing to divorce the two, but decided to stay with Tommy as it is what they vowed when they married.

What killed Ruby Shelby?

Tommy’s seven-year-old daughter Ruby died of tuberculosis, after hearing voices, seeing visions and speaking the Romani words for the devil. Ruby died from a curse laid in retaliation for Tommy having passed on an already-cursed sapphire to the Barwell family.

What illness does Tommy Shelby have?

Tommy was diagnosed with terminal tuberculoma earlier in the season, and in light of this, he tied up all loose ends with his family, naming his illegitimate son as his successor. Following a series of revelations, Tommy discovered that his diagnosis was a ruse, setting the stage for the show’s final moments.

Why did Dom change on blacklist?

Producers recast the role because Dom is “instrumental” in the plot line.

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