What is a 32mm barrel in inches?

What is a 32mm barrel in inches?

Choosing Between 25mm vs 32mm Curling Wands The 32mm curling wand has a barrel diameter of 1.25 inches, while a 25mm barrel is around an inch in diameter.

What is a 25mm curling iron?

Product Description. Our 25mm Clamp Curling Iron is a great hair tool to help achieve those perfect frizz-free curls & waves. SPECIFICATIONS. Made of 100% pure Titanium in a Rose Gold finish. Radiates Infrared Heat Therapy and Negative Ion Technology.

What are sizes of curling irons?

There are a lot of different wand sizes to choose from: ¾-inch, 1-inch, 1 ¼-inch, 1 ½-inch, 2-inch, or bigger. “Choose your barrel size based on how tight or loose you want your curl,” says Michelle Cleveland, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Hair Addict Salon in Tom’s River, New Jersey.

How are curling iron sizes measured?

To find out what the diameter of your curling iron is, it is easiest to measure the circumference of the barrel. You can find out what the circumference is by using a flexible measuring tape and measuring around the barrel. Divide the measurement of the circumference by Pi (3.14) to get the diameter.

What size curls does a 1 inch curling iron make?

The one-inch curling iron is great for a classic curl look (Hollywood Glam). The hair length recommended for this size curling iron is shoulder-length to medium-length hair. It is also great to use for a tighter curl look even if you have long hair.

How are curling irons measured?

What size is a 25mm curling wand?

Nicknamed the “universal” barrel size, the 25mm curling wand is around 0.98 inches in diameter (about 1 inch). It’s popular thanks to the versatility of styles that you can make.

How do you measure a curling iron size?

What is the most common curling iron size?

1 1/4 Inch Curling Iron This size curling iron, along with 1″, is one of the most popular size curling irons because it is neither big nor small. It works on all hair lengths, from shoulder-length hair to long hair in particular.

How do you use a 3/8 curling iron?


  1. Take a strand of hair and pull it from the roots to the hair.
  2. Curling iron 30° inclination, single hand grip the hair root turn the clamping piece, the hair will automatically around the curling iron.
  3. Continue to rotate the clip until the end of the hair and stay for 8 to 12 seconds.

Is a 1 inch or 1.25 inch curling iron better?

My #1 recommendation when choosing a size. The 1″ barrel is perfect when you have hair between short and medium, aka chin length to collar bones. It creates a tighter curl and a second choice after the 1 1/4″ iron above.

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