What is CoreProtect Minecraft?

What is CoreProtect Minecraft?

Coreprotect is a server inspection plugin, designed with the purpose of seeing what users are up to on your server. This mod is primarily used for griefing inspection but has a rather wide range of uses.

What does CoreProtect restore do?

/co restore Uses the same parameters as /co lookup. Restoring can be used to undo rollbacks or to restore player actions.

How do I know if I have CoreProtect?

You can access the commands using either “/coreprotect”, “/core”, or “/co”. Quick Command Overview: /co help – Display a list of commands. /co inspect – Toggle the inspector.

Is CoreProtect open source?

CoreProtect is an open source project, and gladly accepts community contributions.

Does CoreProtect rollback inventory?

CoreProtect is a popular Minecraft plugin for controlling griefing on your server. It uses a powerful data logging system which can be used to restore any griefer damage. Typically staff members of a server are able to use this plugin to inspect, lookup, and rollback almost anything.

How do I disable CoreProtect?

Disabling Logging

  1. In the CoreProtect plugin directory, create a file named blacklist. txt .
  2. Enter the names of the users (or commands) you’d like to disable logging for (each username on a new line).
  3. Either restart your server, or type “/co reload” in-game.

How do I add plugins to spigot?

Here are the steps:

  1. Download a plugin or multiple plugins of your choice.
  2. Open a window that contains the plugins.
  3. Locate your Minecraft server directory.
  4. Go to the file named “plugins.”
  5. Switch to the window with the plugins.
  6. Drag the plugins into the “plugins” folder.
  7. Close the windows.
  8. Restart your server.

Do spigot plugins work with paper?

Paper is the next generation of Minecraft servers, compatible with Spigot plugins, offering uncompromising performance.

Can Bedrock join Java realms?

The only major drawback of the Java realms is crossplay. You can only play with Linux, Windows, and macOS players that are using the Java edition. You can’t play with Bedrock players, as mentioned above.

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