What kind of dog was Timmy in the Famous Five?

What kind of dog was Timmy in the Famous Five?

brown mongrel
Timothy Alias Timmy is George’s faithful dog. He is a large, brown mongrel with a long tail. George adopted him after finding him abandoned on the moors as a puppy.

Who is Timmy the dog?

The Famous Five (TV Series 1978–1979) – Toddy as Timmy the Dog – IMDb.

What was the name of the dog in the Famous Five books?

On other occasions, the children may go camping or hiking or be sent on holiday together elsewhere, but they are always accompanied by George’s dog, Timothy, affectionately known to the children as Timmy.

Who Is Timmy in Enid Blyton?

Most people cite Timmy, and his mistress George, as their favourite characters from the Famous Five series. Not only that but the phrase “I wish I had a dog like Timmy” is one constantly attached to the one of Enid Blyton’s most famous creations. Timmy is the kind of dog you can only dream about when you’re little.

Which dog is the fifth member of the Famous Five?

The fifth member was George’s faithful dog, Timmy, who accompanied them on all of their adventures.

Did the Secret Seven have a dog?

The secret seven are: Peter, Janet, Jack, Barbara, Pam, Colin, George and not forgetting Peter and Janet’s dog, Scamper. Peter can be bossy at times and likes being in charge as he is the leader of the secret seven.

What was the dog called in Enid Blyton?

Enchanting photographs of children’s author Enid Blyton with the pet dog that inspired many of her early works have come to light. Bobs the fox terrier became something of a celebrity in his own right after Blyton started writing letters from him in the magazine Teacher’s World in 1933.

What is the dog called in the Secret Seven?

Is Secret Seven real?

The Secret Seven or Secret Seven Society is a fictional group of child detectives created by Enid Blyton and based on the publisher’s children. They appear in one of several adolescent detective series which Blyton wrote.

Is kirrin Castle real?

Kirrin Island was based on Corfe Castle on the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset. The real Corfe Castle, made from Purbeck Stone quarried on the coast, sits on a chalky hill overlooking a picturesque town and on misty days, when cloud covers the town, the castle looks like an island. You can have a go at recreating the island!

Where are the Purbecks?

The Purbecks or the Isle of Purbeck is a peninsula within the county of Dorset, in the South West of England. The area of land is around sixty square miles and juts out into the English Channel, with three sides of the Purbecks bordered by water, therefore, The Isle of Purbeck is not actually an Island.

Which famous series was originally titled Mysteries Five and features the central character of a dog of the Great Dane breed?

Originally titled Mysteries Five, the dog who later became Scooby was originally more of a sidekick character – a bongo-playing dog named “Too Much” whose breed varied between Great Dane and sheepdog between treatments.

How many secret sevens are there?

In 1949 the first of the full length Secret Seven novels was published. There are 15 titles in the series, the last being published in 1963…

Is Whispering Island real?

Real Locations & Characters Whispering Island is thought to be based on Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour. Lucas is thought to be based on the groundsman of the Isle of Purbeck golf-course, which Blyton’s husband owned.

Where is Chapmans Pool?

Isle of Purbeck
Chapman’s Pool is a small cove to the west of Worth Matravers on the Isle of Purbeck, in Dorset, England.

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