What kind of magnetic field is produced by straight current carrying conductor?

What kind of magnetic field is produced by straight current carrying conductor?

concentric circles
The magnetic field lines around a straight current carrying conducting wires are concentric circles whose centres lie on the wire.

Does a straight current carrying conductor have poles?

There are no poles in a magnetic field generated by a current carrying conductor. The magnetic field of a straight conductor is concentric around the conductor, so the fieldlines don’t seem to start or end anywhere, so there are no poles.

What is magnetic field due to a current through a straight conductor Class 10?

The magnetic field produced due to a current-carrying conductor has the following characteristics: It encircles the conductor. It lies in a plane perpendicular to the conductor. Reversal in direction of current flow reverses the direction of the field.

What is straight conductor?

a straight conductor is a wire having magnetic field lines centre on it. eddibear3a and 21 more users found this answer helpful.

What happens when current passes through a straight current carrying conductor?

When current is passed through a straight current-carrying conductor, a magnetic field is produced around it. The field lines are in the form of concentric circles at every point of the current-carrying conductor.

Where is the north and South pole of a straight current carrying conductor?

A long straight current carrying conductor is not a dipole, so it doesn’t have a North or South. The magnetic field lines around it form concentric circles. A magnetic dipole placed in the field would align itself according to the right hand rule.

What is circular conductor?

A circular conductor is made of a uniform wire of resistance 2×10−3 ohm per metre and the diameter of this circular conductor is 2 metres. Then the resistance measured between the ends of the diameter is (in ohms) A. π×10−3. B.

Why current carrying conductor produces magnetic field?

The force of magnetism is due to moving charge or some magnetic material. Like stationary charges produce an electric field proportional to the magnitude of charge, moving charges produce magnetic fields proportional to the current. In other words, a current carrying conductor produces a magnetic field around it.

What is a straight conductor?

Does current flows from north pole to south pole?

This is NOT an electromagnetic induction question. The current flows in the clockwise direction at the south pole and in the anticlockwise direction at the north pole, in both coils, so the ‘S and N rule’ is not broken.]

What are uses of solenoid?

The main use of solenoid is as a switch for power. They are used in inductors, valves, antennas, etc. Its application is in varied fields like medical, industrial use, locking systems, automotive, etc. It is used to control a valve electrically.

What is the magnetic field due to straight wire?

Magnetic field due to an infinitely long straight current carrying wire. B=(2πr)μ0I where B is the magnitude of magnetic field, r is the distance from the wire where the magnetic field is calculated, and I is the applied current.

Is north pole positive or negative?

On Earth, the north (positive) pole of the Earth’s magnet is in fact at its South geographic pole. A compass needle sure enough indicates North, but if you put a compass needle near a bar magnet, it points AWAY from the north (positive) pole of the bar magnet.

Do magnets have charge?

A magnet has a North and a South Pole. A magnetic field flows from the North to the South Pole in the same way that electric fields flow from positive to negative charges. However, once cannot isolate magnetic poles as one can isolate electric charges.

Why is solenoid used?

A solenoid is a basic term for a coil of wire that we use as an electromagnet. We also refer to the device that can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy as a solenoid. Actually it generates a magnetic field for creating linear motion from the electric current.

What is solenoid with diagram?

The solenoid is a device with a long cylindrical coil of wire having a large number of turns fixed together very tightly. It is included in a coil of wire and a moveable plunger which is also known as an armature. The condition for being a solenoid is that the length of the coil must be greater than its diameter.

What is called solenoid?

A solenoid is a coil of insulated or enameled wire wound on a rod-shaped form made of solid iron, solid steel, or powdered iron. Devices of this kind can be used as electromagnets, as inductors in electronic circuits, and as miniature wireless receiving antennas.

How are the magnetic lines of force due to a current carrying straight conductor?

The magnetic field lines due to a straight current-carrying conducting wire are concentric circles with the wire passing through the center.


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