When should we do Kanya Puja in Navratri?

When should we do Kanya Puja in Navratri?

Kanyaa pūjā (kumari puja)(कन्या पूजा), is a Hindu holy ritual, carried out especially on the eighth and ninth day of the Navaratri festival. The ceremony primarily involves the worship of nine girls, representing the nine forms of Goddess Durga (Navadurga).

What do you give Kanya in Navratri?

During the Kanya Pujan, the devotees invite little girls and offer them fruits, halwa-puri, sweets, other food items to seek their blessings.

How is Kanya Puja done?

Kanya Puja rituals or Puja vidhi: Puja starts by welcoming young girls to the devotee’s homes. Their feet are washed and made to sit on the pedestal. Kalawa, the holy thread, is tied on the wrist with a red Kumkum on the forehead. Special food is prepared with puri, Kala chana, coconut, and halwa.

Who can perform Kanya Pooja?

For performing Kanya Pujan, invite nine little girls (aged 2-10) and a little boy (2-10 years old) to your house. Here’s how you may perform the puja: The nine girls embody the nine forms of Durga, and the little boy signifies Bhairon.

When should we do Kanya Puja in Navratri 2021?

October 13
This year, Kanya Pujan will be held on October 13. This puja holds great significance, symbolising the importance of girls and women in Hindu tradition. Girls aged between 2 and 10 are suitable for Kanya Pujan.

What day is Kanya Pooja?

April 9
Kanya Puja can be done on any day during Navratri, but worshipping on Ashtami and Navami is considered more auspicious. Therefore, it will be auspicious to do Kanya Pujan on April 9 or 10.

What is best gift for Kanya Pujan?

Navratri Kanya Puja Gifts

  • 12 pieces Hello Kitty Sharpener.
  • 5 Sets of Cute Stationery Items.
  • 9 Designer Containers with Chocolates.
  • 11 Silver Thalis.
  • 5 Cute Doll Key Chains.
  • 12 Pieces Toy Cars.
  • 6 Designer Assorted Chocolates Boxes.
  • 5 Designer Golden Pistachios Baskets.

Why do we do Kanya Pujan?

The Kanya Pujan ceremony is completed by touching the feet of young girls and asking for their blessings. It is also believed that worshipping one girl child bestows good luck, two girls bestow perception and salvation, and three girls bestow merit.

Why is Kanya Pujan important?

Kanya Pujan, an important rite during Navaratri, honours small girls who represent Goddess Durga’s avatars. Goddess Durga is also claimed to have taken on the form of a young girl in order to fight the demon Kalasura. As a result, they are still seen to have universal creative forces today.

Do you give gifts at Navratri?

The festival culminates in the celebration of the nine forms of Goddess Shakti. It is a custom in India to give gifts on every festival and Navratri is no exception.

What do you give a girl on Kanjak?

On this occasion, people used to invite girls below 12 years age and worshipped them as Kanjak, the avatar of Maa Durga….Navratri Kanya Pujan: Gift these items to Kanjak this Ashtami and Ram Navmi

  • Stationery Items:
  • Toys and games.
  • Jewellery items.
  • Snack Food items.
  • Clothes.

When should we do Kumari Puja?

Kumari puja is held at the end of Mahastami puja, but can also be held on the day of Navami puja. Kumari puja may also be held during kali puja, jagaddhatri puja, Annapurna puja and Shakti puja. According to Hindu scriptures, Kumari puja commemorates the killing of Kolasur by the goddess Kali.

Can we do Kanya Pooja in the evening?

People can do Kanya Puja on any day or any time of the Navratri festival.

Why is Kumari Puja done?

Kumari Puja, a special attraction of Durga Puja festival in Bengal, is held to celebrate this faith through ceremonious worship of young girls in sense of Divine Mother. Kumari Puja is called Kanya Pujan in North India.

What should we bring for Navratri?

9 Unique Navratri Gifts for Friends, Family, and Kanjak

  • Goddess Durga Idol. A divine miniature idol of Goddess Durga makes a gift full of blessings for Navratri.
  • Handmade Beautiful Diyas.
  • 3. Box of Dry Fruits.
  • Set of Flavoured Incense Sticks.
  • Tiara.
  • Pure Indian Sweets.
  • Flower Subscription for Navratri Days.
  • Handbag for Kanjak.

What we can give to Kanjak?

Kanjak loves to play with toys, so, you can gift them dolls, teddy, kitchen set, doctor set.

What should we give for Kanya Puja?

Can a Kumari marry?

One belief is that if an ex-Kumari marries, her husband will die shortly after. “There was one Kumari in Patan who chose to live a single life,” Gautam explains. “Because she thought like that people thought the Kumari must not marry.” Preeti, for her part, intends to marry when she’s older.

What Prasad is offered in Navratri?

Devotees offer jaggery or sweets made with jaggery. The prasad is also given to Brahmins along with Dakshina.

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