Where can I download medical videos for free?

Where can I download medical videos for free?

Medical Videos

  • Coursera. Lectures by world-class professors and reinforced through interactive exercises.
  • CSurgeries. Library of surgical procedures created by surgeons for surgeons.
  • DNA Tube.
  • EyeTube.
  • Free Medical Videos.
  • FutureLearn: Healthcare and Medicine.
  • Geeky Medics.
  • HealthTalk.org.

How do I watch surgery?

10 Things to Keep in Mind While Observing a Surgery

  1. Change your suit quickly.
  2. Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect……and one more disinfection.
  3. Back-to-back passing.
  4. No touching!
  5. Stand in the right place.
  6. Follow strictly staff´s instructions.
  7. Ask but choose a good moment.
  8. Feel weak – leave quickly.

Where can you watch live surgeries?

BroadcastMed is now resuming our Signature Series, featuring LIVE surgical broadcasts from the world’s leading physicians. Contact us to feature your surgery in an upcoming webcast.

Can I observe a surgery?

When you are observing a doctor’s examination, as when you observe surgeries, you must remain silent. Be sensitive to patients’ privacy and comfort; avoid touching patients, and do not stare at “interesting” medical cases. Follow any directions given by the doctor without asking questions.

How do I download PrepLadder videos?

On the PrepLadder app:

  1. Go to the Videos tab at the bottom side of the app.
  2. Tap on your desired subject.
  3. Tap on your desired topic under the subject.
  4. Click on Download icon beneath the video.

Where can I get free MBBS lectures?

NPTEL India is currently offering medical students over 300 online courses for free. The courses are being offered in various subjects related to medical science such as anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, and physiology.

Can students observe surgery?

Background: Student observation of surgical procedures is standard practice performed at the discretion of the attending surgeon and the participating medical facility.

Can normal people watch surgery?

The surgeon performed on the other side, but there was no interaction between the doctor and spectators. Now, anybody can watch a surgery, and they’re watching from the comfort of a mobile device.

How do people sneeze in the operating room?

The accepted wisdom was that the surgeon should in fact sneeze facing the area being operated on—because the mask will redirect the ejecta and send it backward out of the sides of the mask, away from the open wound.

Can I download marrow videos?

You can download videos and watch them later. However, even after you download the videos, you will need a basic internet connection to watch them. This won’t consume more than 10kB of data. Pro users can download 15 videos at a time.

Is PrepLadder free?

PrepLadder has brought a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that gives you a 7 day FREE trial to all its premium content! Yes, that’s correct, you can access all the premium features of the app absolutely FREE.

Which videos are best for medicine?

20 Best Medical YouTube Channels to Follow This Year

  • Osmosis | 1,380,000 Subscribers.
  • Nabil Ebraheim | 398,000 Subscribers.
  • Khan Academy Medicine | 1,090,000 Subscribers.
  • Dr.
  • Strong Medicine | 305,000 Subscribers.
  • Lecturio Medical Videos | 266,000 Subscribers.
  • JJ MEdicine | 62,600 Subscribers.

Can I refuse student doctors?

There are many reasons, however, that students ought to inform patients that they are students. First, patients have the right to refuse to allow medical students to participate in their care. But patients cannot refuse medical student participation if they do not know they are interacting with medical students.

Do doctors get used to death?

Doctors are used to dealing with death. While they may never forget their first experience of a patient dying, they soon become accustomed to death as a part of their working lives.

Do doctors sleep in the hospital?

An on-call room, sometimes referred to as the doctors’ mess, is a room in a hospital with either a couch or a bunkbed intended for staff to rest in while they are on call or due to be.

What happens when surgeons have to pee?

There will be assistants and an anesthesiologist and a lot of nurses. So it’s not like the patient is going to be left all alone while the surgeon hits the bathroom. And sometimes surgeons work in shifts. And this is called “breaking the scrub” so the surgeon is going to have to scrub again after using the bathroom.

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