Where do I go NEO Scavenger?

Where do I go NEO Scavenger?

Places of Interest

  • Allegan Fairgrounds.
  • ATN Enclave.
  • Camp Grayling.
  • Clearbone Valley.
  • Cryo Facility.
  • Detroit Megacity. Concrete Forest Apartments. Detroit Savings Bank. DMC Sprawl. DMC Gate. Junk Market. Haggerty Health Clinic. The Red Gnome Diner.
  • Hidden Lake.
  • Isotope Mine.

How do you get security footage in neo scavenger?

How do you get security footage? you need hacking skill or something? You need to use both strong and melee skills in the first encounter in the cryo lab to get the footage.

How much does neo scavenger cost?

Store Prices

Currency Current Price Converted Price
U.S. Dollar $14.99 $14.99
Australian Dollar A$ 21.50 +2.99%
Swiss Franc CHF 15.50 +7.64%
Israeli New Shekel ₪55.95 +12.08%

How do you skin a dogman in neo scavenger?

The coat can only be obtained by skinning a Dogman with Trapping skill. This item can be found easily by using either the Strong or Melee skill during the beginning Dogman encounter, and then butchering the corpse with a glass shard.

How do you beat dogman in neo scavenger?

Bringing a gun such as a rifle with bullets and a shotgun with slug rounds may be effective in killing the group one by one from 20-25 meters away. Also, there is a chance that if you are able to kill most of the group, the last surviving Dogman may be coerced to run away.

How do you make a fur coat in neo scavenger?

How do you make cured meat in neo scavenger?

It takes about one day for a raw chunk of meat to get spoiled, as it degrades 5% condition per turn. Alternatively, players with the Trapping skill have the ability to cure meat by combining it with a handful of ashes while cooking it. This allows the player to preserve meat should they want to eat it later.

How do you purify water in neo scavenger?

Water purity To minimize the risks of becoming sick, the player should, if possible, sterilize any water he plans to drink (via crafting menu – either by boiling it or using a purification pill).

How do you drink water in neo scavenger?

Now pick a stack of 2 untested water droplets, drag it down near your test water droplets. Unstack the unidentified water droplets, then pick one up and try to drop it onto one of your test water droplets. If it stacks, the water is safe to drink. Unstack it, then move it to one of your empty water containers.

How long does neo scavenger cured meat?

So cured meat is the best for longer trips, with a chunk at 100% lasting for 80 turn/hours, so over 3 days. So if you have to go more than 1.5 days out of your way to get to the place that will sell you the cured meat… it’s not worth it.

How do you eat in neo scavenger?

All the character needs to do is to carve up the humanoid corpse with something sharp (via crafting menu) and cook the resulting meat chunks over the fire. Meat obtained from humanoid corpses will be, however, marked by a “(human)” discriminant at the end of the item’s name.

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