Who did Jeter throw out at home plate?

Who did Jeter throw out at home plate?

Jeremy Giambi
Right fielder Shane Spencer corralled the ball but overthrew two cut-off men. With Jeremy Giambi trying to score from first to tie the game, Jeter ran across the diamond, fielded the ball, and made a perfect backhand flip to Jorge Posada who tagged Giambi on the calf just before his foot hit home plate.

When was the Jeter flip play?

October 13, 2001
As many accolades as Jeter may have accumulated and as many plays as he may have been a part of during his 20-year career, there is, according to Jeter, no play more associated with him than “the flip play” that happened on October 13, 2001.

Was Giambi out at the plate?

Catcher: Jorge Posada But, it really was all for not even though Posada missed the tag, Kerwin Danley the home plate umpire called Giambi out.

Who made the famous flip play in 2001?

Derek Jeter’s ‘Flip’ Against the Athletics Still One of the Best Defensive Plays Ever. Not only was it a heads-up play, but it was a momentum changer. Derek Jeter’s flip to catcher Jorge Posada turned the 2001 ALDS against the Oakland Athletics around.

Who was shortstop after Derek Jeter?

The Yankees, who were searching for a shortstop to replace the recently-retired Derek Jeter, acquired Gregorius in December 2014, and he spent the next four seasons with the team….

Didi Gregorius
Home runs 133
Runs batted in 518

What inning was the Jeter flip?

seventh inning
It will always be known as The Flip. It occurred in the 2001 American League Division Series between the Yankees and Oakland Athletics. Oakland held a 2-0 lead in the best-of-five series but trailed 1-0 in the bottom of the seventh inning of Game 3 on Oct. 13.

What inning did Jeter dive into stands?

Jeter’s dive into the stands against the Red Sox in 2004 In the 12th inning, the Red Sox threatened to break a 3-3 tie. They had runners on second and third with two outs, and Trot Nixon coming to the plate.

What made Jeter great?

Among the many traits that combined to make Derek Jeter one of the most admired and adored baseball players of his generation, there was talent, drive and focus — and a good dose of stubbornness, too. Opposing pitchers felt it, even when they had great stuff.

Was Jeremy Giambi good?

Giambi delivered solid numbers in his career, batting a . 263 average, with 52 home runs and 209 runs batted in. In 2001, he was famously tagged out at the plate by Derek Jeter’s “flip” play in the American League division series between the Athletics and the Yankees.

Who was the short stop before Jeter?

Late shortstop Tony Fernandez once accidentally started Derek Jeter’s Yankees career. Tony Fernandez, the pre-eminent American League shortstop in the late ’80s, died Sunday from kidney problems as a result of suffering a stroke. He was 57 and a legend in Toronto as one of the most beloved Blue Jays ever.

Who caught Jeter’s 3000 hit?

Christian Lopez
Christian Lopez, the fan who caught the home run ball that happened to be Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit, may have made a mistake by handing over the ball to the Yankee captain in exchange for some pretty sweet seats for the rest of the season as well as some signed memorabilia.

Do MLB players drink after games?

Baseball games are obviously prohibited from having alcohol during the play, despite the fact that alcohol would not likely result in a serious concussion, missed pass, or poorly negotiated green (that’s what they call it in golf, after all).

Why did Billy Beane trade Carlos Pena?

Beane wanted manager Art Howe to start Hatteberg at first base, but Howe insisted on starting Carlos Pena. Beane didn’t like Pena’s low On Base Percentage, so he traded Pena to get his way. (As a fantasy league owner of Pena’s low batting average this year, I certainly could resonate with Beane’s point of view.)

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