Who is Natalie Cornah married to?

Who is Natalie Cornah married to?

Adam HebbNatalie Cornah / Spouse (m. 2005)

Whats happened to David Braine?

He left the met office in 2002 to join the BBC. When Craig Rich retired David joined the BBC South West team in 2002 and loves being back in Plymouth. David is married with two young children and now lives in Cornwall.

Where is Victoria Graham?

Victoria has returned to the South West to present BBC Spotlight with long term friend and colleague Justin Leigh, with whom she previously presented the programme for 7 years. For the last 3 years Victoria has been working in and around London honing her skills in the world of current affairs.

Who has left Radio Devon?

BBC Radio Devon Executive Editor Mark Grinnell has been appointed as Executive Lead to the Director of BBC Nations, Rhodri Talfan Davies. Mark says he’s leaving BBC South West after 12 fantastic years and is excited about this his challenge.

Where is Justin Leigh spotlight?

Former BBC Spotlight presenter Justin Leigh joins the teaching team at Marjon.

How old is Simon Mc Coy?

60 years (October 7, 1961)Simon McCoy / Age

How old is Natalie Cornah?

54 years (January 21, 1968)Natalie Cornah / Age

Is Victoria Graham a celebrant?

As a celebrant Victoria loves recounting people’s stories, making memories, and marking special moments in life.

Is Janet Kipling still on Radio Devon?

Janet was one of the founding members of KOR in 2006 and has returned to her broadcasting career with the BBC, hosting her own lunchtime radio show for Radio Devon.

Who are the presenters on Radio Devon?

Presenters and Programmes

  • BBC Radio Devon Presenter A-Z. Put a face to the voice and meet the people responsible for keeping you entertained and informed.
  • Matt Woodley at Breakfast. Information and news from Matt Woodley and BBC Radio Devon’s countywide breakfast show.
  • Judi Spiers.
  • Richard Green.
  • Vic Morgan.

Who is Justin Leigh?

Justin Leigh Justin has 30 years experience as a television and radio broadcaster, including 20 years in front of the camera as a presenter on BBC Spotlight, the regional news programme for the South West of England.

Where is Rosie Wright now?

Rosie is a presenter and journalist currently presenting the “Great British Breakfast” on GB News.

What happened to Andrew Neil?

On 25 September 2020, Neil announced his exit from the BBC to become chairman of GB News, a news channel launched on 13 June 2021. As well as being chairman, he presented Andrew Neil, a prime time evening programme on the channel.

When was David Braine born?

September 2, 1940David Braine / Date of birth

What is Janet Kipling doing now?

Director and PR and communications consultant.

Does Matt Woodley still work for Radio Devon?

Radio Devon Stalwart Matt Woodley was moved to one side to make way for Mr Bates but soon after listener figures plummeted. A reshuffle saw another popular presenter, David Sheppard, moved from the drive-time show to the graveyard shift.

Who is leaving Radio Devon?

What has happened to Gordon Sparks of Radio Devon?

A spokesperson for BBC Radio Devon said: “BBC Radio Devon is sad to announce that our much-loved breakfast show presenter Gordon Sparkes has cancer. Gordon has been away from the microphone at BBC Radio Devon while he’s been having medical tests.

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