Who is Urvashi brother?

Who is Urvashi brother?

Prince Nair
Kamal Roy

Is Kalpana and Urvashi sisters?

Kalpana has acted in over 300 films in various South Indian languages….Kalpana (Malayalam actress)

Parent(s) Chavara V. P. Nair Vijayalakshmi
Relatives Kalaranjini (sister) Urvashi (sister) Sooranad Kunjan Pillai (grandfather)

How old is Urvashi?

53 years (January 25, 1969)Urvashi / Age

Who is the father of Urvashi Rautela?

Manvar SinghUrvashi Rautela / Father

Rautela was born in Haridwar on 25 February 1994 to Meera Rautela and Manwar Singh Rautela in a Garhwali Rajput family. Her hometown is Kotdwar.

Who is Urvashi’s sister?


Is Kalpana Kartik still alive?

She is the widow of the late Hindi film actor and film maker Dev Anand. Mona Singha was a beauty queen while studying at St. Bede’s College, Shimla. She was introduced to films by Chetan Anand of Navketan Films with the film Baazi in 1951….Filmography.

Year Film Character
1955 House No. 44 Nimmo
1957 Nau Do Gyarah Raksha

Is Kalpana Kartik alive now?

He persuaded me to join films and also gave me the screen name of Kalpana Kartik.” who currently lives in Mumbai in peace. Kalpana, who is in the early nineties, devotes her attention to spiritualism as well as devours ancient classic books. In 1951, Kalpana made her debut in Navketan Films’ Baazi, alongside Dev Anand.

What is the fees of Urvashi Rautela?

Urvashi Rautela’s monthly income is over 45 Lakh rupees. The majority of her income comes from movies and songs. Urvashi Rautela’s per-song fee is 35 to 40 lakh which makes her expensive.

Who is the most intelligent actress in Bollywood?

who according to you is the most intelligent actress in bollywood?

Poll Choice Stats
Priyanka Chopra 51%
Aishwarya Rai 6%
Katrina kaif 27%
Deepika Padukone 3%

Who is husband of Kalpana Kartik?

Dev AnandKalpana Kartik / Husband (m. 1954–2011)

Who is devanand wife?

Kalpana KartikDev Anand / Wife (m. 1954–2011)

Who was Kalpana boyfriend?

Kanagal groomed Kalpana to a great extent and though they were romantically linked by the media, industry folks are unanimous that their relationship was that of Guru-Shishya.

Who is highest paid actress in Bollywood?

Rank Actress Acting Fee per film
1 Deepika Padukone 22 Crore
2 Alia Bhatt 20 Crore
3 Kangana Ranaut 15 Crore
4 Priyanka Chopra 14 Crore

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