Why was Ringer TV show Cancelled?

Why was Ringer TV show Cancelled?

They fell as low as a 0.4 rating (several times) with as few as 1.05 million viewers. With very few hours of primetime real estate to fill, it just didn’t make sense for The CW to renew Ringer for a second season. They’ve cancelled the show and the last episode aired on April 17th.

What happens at the end of ringer?

BIG BAD IS BACK | Jimmy shows up at Siobhan’s demanding money. If she refuses, he says he’ll tell Bodaway that she is actually Bridget. Unfortunately, Bodaway drops by the dirty cop’s hotel room, kills him and sets off to find Bridget — knowing that she is holed up at Siobhan’s.

What is a ringer fandom?

Ringer Wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute to. Discover, share and add your knowledge!

Is there a second season of Ringer?

Ringer received mixed reviews, though most critics praised Gellar’s performance. On May 11, 2012, canceled the series after one season.

Do Dory and Drew get back together?

Surprisingly, Dory and company managed to survive the apocalypse. In the finale’s epilogue, which was set in a post-outbreak New York, Dory and Drew got married in an abandoned Broadway theatre with Portia and Elliott as their witnesses.

How did the ringer start?

The Ringer was launched in March 2016 by Bill Simmons, who brought along several editors who had previously worked with him on Grantland, an ESPN-owned blog he operated from 2011 to 2015.

Is Ringer worth watching?

Ringer was a really good series, not as good as something like Homeland or The Americans or Mad Men, but still good. There were some problems, one of which was some of the dialogue. “We have to talk” was said at least 20 times on every episode – I might not have noticed except as I said, I binge watched.

Why is Chantal in jail Party?

Unfortunately for Chantal, she got involved with shady investors who used her start-up to launder money from offshore accounts. So, she got arrested at the end of the season.

How did season 4 Searchlist end?

Alas, Chip declined, and his recklessly wealthy mom-aunt, Lylah (Susan Sarandon), trapped Dory in her mansion and set it on fire to cover up everything her son-nephew did.

Why is it named The Ringer?

2. If you look at theringer.com too fast, it looks like a Santa Barbara wine called Theringer. Then again, “The Ringer” worked way better than other names we were considering. Sean Fennessey liked “Klique,” which sounds like Kanye’s ill-fated answer to Tidal.

What happened to Malcolm in ringer?

Malcolm is declared a missing person, and there is more concern when they find his wallet near Daniel Eknath’s body. In the season one finale, another agent tells Agent Machado that a body was found with bone structure resembling that of Malcolm Ward, meaning that Malcolm is presumed dead.

Who killed Gemma Butler?

Charlie Young

Gemma Butler
Status Dead (killed by Charlie Young)
Hometown New York
Profession Architect/Interior Designer
Portrayed by Tara Summers

What happened to Siobhan in the ringer?

Siobhan Martin (née Kelly) is the unfaithful wife of Andrew Martin and identical twin sister of Bridget Kelly. After Siobhan’s apparent suicide, Bridget takes her identity to protect herself….

Siobhan Martin
First Appeared Pilot
Last Appeared I’m The Good Twin

What does the term ringer mean?

Definition of ringer (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : one that sounds especially by ringing. 2a(1) : one that enters a competition under false representations. (2) : imposter, fake. b : one that strongly resembles another —often used with dead he’s a dead ringer for the senator.

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