How do I get similar artists to Apple Music?

How do I get similar artists to Apple Music?

When you first tap Listen Now, you’re asked to tell Apple Music about your preferences. Apple Music uses these preferences when recommending music. Tap the genres you like (double-tap those you love, and touch and hold the genres you don’t care for). Tap Next, then do the same with the artists that appear.

Can artists upload directly to Apple Music?

Artists can upload their music directly to Apple Music and iTunes through the iTunes Connect platform.

Can you put copyrighted music on Apple Music?

All replies. You can’t re-use sound recordings or music composition parts from others without approval from the rights holders (unless in the public domain/released without rights/copyleft), if you are going to release it (anywhere).

Can you pitch songs to Apple Music?

Even though Apple Music does not offer direct submissions, there are steps you can take as an artist to improve your chances of landing a spot on one of their playlists. Make sure that you claim your profile on Apple Music for Artists.

Is Spotify Premium better than Apple Music?

Audio streaming quality is where Apple Music completely supersedes Spotify. Because of its recent update, Apple Music now offers lossless audio quality of up to 24-bit/192 kHz as well as spatial audio with Dolby Atmos.

Why are some songs not on Apple Music?

If a song isn’t available in Apple Music Here are some reasons why: Artists and content providers might release some songs from an album in advance, but not all of them. If you add the entire album to your library, the songs will become available as they’re released.

How much does it cost to put your music on Apple Music?

How much does it cost to put songs on Apple Music? TuneCore has made it easy, cheap, and fast to put your music on the most popular streaming services and stores worldwide. Submit your music to Apple Music with TuneCore starting at $9.99 to publish a single and $29.99 to upload an album or an EP.

Can you put a leased beat on Apple Music?

Can you make money with leased beats? Absolutely you can! That’s the whole point.

Is iTunes music copyright free?

Helpful answers. The entire album (as titled) is royalty free regardless of where you purchase it.

How do you become a curator on Apple Music?

To qualify as a curator you need to own a playlist with REAL followers on either Spotify, YouTube Music or Apple Music.

How do I get Apple Music verified?

Here’s how to get verified—straight from Apple’s guide:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up, and sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Click Request Artist Access and search for your artist page.
  4. Verify that you are claiming the correct page by selecting one of your albums.
  5. Choose your Role.

Should I switch to Apple Music?

When it comes to Apple Music’s performance in comparison to Spotify, there is an undeniable compatibility difference when using it on my iPhone. Apple Music is faster, Siri integrated, and in my personal opinion provides better sound quality (even when my Spotify audio quality settings were at maximum).

Is Apple Music worth the money?

Is Apple Music worth it? While there’s certainly no shortage of great options for streaming music, Apple Music is more than worth consideration. It offers a larger selection of music than most of its competitors with 60 million songs. And it comes in at roughly the same price.

Is Spotify better or Apple Music?

While Apple Music offers better sound quality and is brilliant for those fully invested in the Apple ecosystem, Spotify wins out in terms of connectivity and podcasts. The two offer impressively vast libraries, though Apple Music’s ability to expand on this via iCloud Music Library arguably gives it the edge there.

Why are songs GREY in Apple Music?

If songs greyed out on iPhone Apple Music because of some bugs or system data corruption, updating to the latest software version is the key to solve the problem. Go to Settings > Tap General > Tap Software Update and see if there is a new version of iOS available.

How do I publish my music to Apple Music?


  1. Sign up for a TuneCore account to get your music on Apple Music.
  2. Select the type of release you want to get on Apple Music: single or album.
  3. Upload your music and cover art to put your songs on Apple Music.
  4. Add music contributors so they get credited when your songs are played.

Is Apple Music worth the price?

What’s great about Apple Music?

Apple Music boasts access to more than 75 million songs. Content can be streamed or downloaded for offline play, and there are also song and genre-based radio stations available along with the curated Beats 1 radio station.

Can I make money from a leased beat?

Absolutely you can! That’s the whole point. Using affordable leases to build an audience which leads building your income. You can profit from leased beats many of the same ways that you profit from exclusive beats.

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