How do you farm innocents in Disgaea 5?

How do you farm innocents in Disgaea 5?

2 Answers

  1. place 2 statisticians in the farm.
  2. once a 3rd appears, remove 1 red and make sure the yellow subdued one is on that farm with another statistician, red or yellow.
  3. once it breeds a 2nd yellow, subdued statistician make sure you only have 2 yellow subdued ones on the farm.

What does Disgaea 5 Complete add?

With Disgaea 5 Complete, you’re getting the main game and all additional content released for the original, which includes eight bonus scenarios, four fan-favorite characters, and three character classes.

Is laharl good Disgaea 5?

As one of the more iconic characters from the Disgaea series, Laharl is a bit average in terms of his Disgaea 5 appearance. His best stat is clearly his ATK, so you can either fit him into using a Sword or Axe, which are two of his three best weapons.

How do you get innocent in Disgaea?

To increase your chances of capturing the Innocent, bribe it with gold pieces or Crab Miso. Crab Miso raises the chances the most but is also the hardest to acquire. However, if you fail Subduing it, the Innocent might run away, removing that Innocent from the gear.

Why is there a female laharl?

Laharl also becomes a woman for a short while due to the wide-spread outbreak of Yuie Flowers in the Netherworld as demons get side-effects from being exposed to the Celestian plant. In this form, he retains his pants, gloves and scarf and adds in a top to cover his big chest.

How do you transfer innocent Disgaea RPG?

After you’ve successfully Subdued the Innocent, you can leave the Item World. Head over to the Innocent menu and you’ll see your new Innocent sitting in the equipment. Move it to another piece of gear or store it for later, and that’s all there is to it!

How do you subdue innocent?

How To Subdue Innocents

  1. Once you’ve encountered the Innocent, you will have the option of Bribing it or Subduing it, as well as a bar indicating your chance of Subduing.
  2. To increase your chances of capturing the Innocent, bribe it with gold pieces or Crab Miso.

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