How do you use il vaut mieux?

How do you use il vaut mieux?

Note the difference between these two sentences:

  1. Il faut mieux manger. = Il faut manger mieux. → We need to eat better (we must have a better diet).
  2. Il vaut mieux manger. → We’d better eat (… if we want to survive!)

Does Il vaut mieux take subjunctive?

Yes, il vaut mieux requires the subjunctive: Par exemple… Il vaut mieux que vous fassiez le plein. It would be better that you fill the gas tank.

What is Falloir in English?

Falloir means “to be necessary” or “to need.” It is impersonal, meaning that it has only one grammatical person: the third person singular. It may be followed by the subjunctive, an infinitive, or a noun.

How do you use Souhaiter?

Souhaiter in the Compound Past Tense It’s actually quite easy to form. For example, “I wished” is j’ai souhaité and “we wished” is nous avons souhaité.

What is Subjonctif present?

The subjonctif is a French mood (or mode) which expresses the speaker’s opinion, desire, emotion, or uncertainty. We have already learned three other modes: l’indicatif (facts: le présent, le passé composé, l’imparfait, le futur, le plus-que-parfait), l’impératif (commands), and le conditionnel (conditional actions).

How do you say make a wish in French?

Translation of “I’ll make a wish” in French Je vais faire un voeu sûr.

Do the French say puis je?

“Puis-je” – More like ‘might I’ in French In extremely formal and old-fashioned French, we used to say: “puis-je”.

Why do we use subjonctif?

The subjunctive is used to express varied states of unreality or uncertainty like some kind of judgment, wish, possibility, opinion, doubt, emotion, or something that has not occurred yet. The subjunctive appears after certain words and conjunctions that have two parts and two different subjects.

What is subjonctif French?

Le subjonctif (the subjunctive) is a grammatical mood similar to the indicative, the passive, the conditional or the imperative. The subjunctive emphasises the subjectivity of a sentence, and it is mostly used in dependent clauses that start with que.

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