Is Jordin Tootoo Inuit?

Is Jordin Tootoo Inuit?

He became the first player of Inuit descent to play in a regular-season NHL game when he suited up against the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim on Opening Night October 9, 2003. He was also the first person of Inuit descent to be drafted by an NHL team. Tootoo wears the number ’22’ as a play on words of his name.

Why is Jordin Tootoo a hero?

Tootoo, the first Inuk player in the NHL, remains a hero to youth in remote communities across Nunavut. Hockey fans from Nashville to Igloolik admired his blend of toughness, speed and skill, and his reputation for sticking up for his teammates at all costs.

Is Jordin Tootoo indigenous?

As the first player of Inuk descent in NHL history, Tootoo admits he didn’t feel any additional pressure in representing his community at the time—“I was just a kid who wanted to play hockey,” he says—but he’s since understood the impact of his history-making career on Indigenous youth.

What is Jordin Tootoo about?

Jordin Tootoo, with Stephen Brunt Written in a raw, minimalist style that echoes the Inuk star’s spare patter, the book, by Sportsnet’s Stephen Brunt, tells the story of his alcohol-soaked upbringing, of rehab and redemption.

What has Jordin Tootoo done for the Indigenous?

Tootoo retired from the NHL in 2018 to speak to Indigenous youth about suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

Where is Jordan Tootoo from?

Churchill, CanadaJordin Tootoo / Place of birth

Why does Jordin Tootoo continuously return to his home in Rankin Inlet?

Jordin Tootoo returns home with a mission to save others from his brother’s fate. RANKIN INLET, NUNAVUT — The glass shook, the bleachers thundered, the ceiling dripped and more than a thousand fans pushed to the edges, doubling the capacity of an old rink in Rankin Inlet, on the northwest coast of Hudson Bay.

Where does Jordin Tootoo live now?

He’s been skating with a WHL team in Kelowna, British Columbia, where he lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their two daughters, while waiting. If no opportunity comes, he’s grateful for the career he’s had.

Where is Jordin Tootoo from?

Does Jordin Tootoo have a book?

All The Way: My Life on Ice2014
Mind Over Matter: Hard-Won Battles on the Road to Hope2022
Jordin Tootoo/Books

What challenges did Jordin Tootoo face?

Tootoo is fighting that battle himself. He struggled with addictions and other mental health problems after the loss of his older brother, Terence, who died by suicide after being charged with impaired driving in 2002, at age 22.

Who did Jordin Tootoo play for?

Jordin Tootoo

Regular Season
Season Team GP
2006-07 Nashville Predators 65
2007-08 Nashville Predators 63
2008-09 Nashville Predators 72

What happened to Tootoo?

After 13 seasons in the NHL, the 36-year-old retired in October, vowing to give back to Indigenous communities in Canada. “[I want] to give back to our Indigenous population, our Indigenous communities to show them that there is light at the end of the tunnel,” Tootoo said.

Is Jordin Tootoo married?

Jennifer SalvaggioJordin Tootoo / Spouse (m. 2014)

Was Jordin Tootoo an alcoholic?

Struggles with alcoholism Alcohol was available in the Tootoo home, and Jordin experimented with it at as early as 14 years old. But it didn’t become a major problem until after his brother’s death.

When was Tootoo born?

February 2, 1983 (age 39 years)Jordin Tootoo / Date of birth

How many pages is all the way my life on ice?

240 pages
Bibliographic information

Title All the Way: My Life on Ice
Edition illustrated, reprint
Publisher Penguin, 2015
ISBN 0143189204, 9780143189206
Length 240 pages

Who is Jordin Tootoo’s wife?

Jennifer SalvaggioJordin Tootoo / Wife (m. 2014)

Jordin Tootoo and his wife Jennifer Tootoo are celebrating the birth of their daughter. The NHL player made the announcement on his Instagram account yesterday.

Did Jordin Tootoo retire?

Jordin Tootoo announced his retirement Friday. The 35-year-old forward played 13 seasons in the NHL with the Nashville Predators, Detroit Red Wings, New Jersey Devils and Chicago Blackhawks, and had 161 points (65 goals, 96 assists) and 1,010 penalty minutes in 723 games.

How many years did Jordin Tootoo play in the NHL?

13 seasons
After playing 13 seasons in the NHL, he retired in 2018. He is known for speaking to youth and maintaining his Inuit culture. Jordin John Kudluk (Thunder) Tootoo, hockey player (born 2 February, 1983 in Churchill, MB).

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