What are the 20 examples of interjection?

What are the 20 examples of interjection?

20 Examples of Interjection are in sentences

  • Hoorah! We won the match.
  • Congratulations! You have a baby girl.
  • Oh! We lost him.
  • Yeah! I got her number.
  • Jesus! You saved me from those culprits.
  • Good! Now we can start a new beginning.
  • Hey! Get out of the car.
  • Yes! You are right.

What is interjection and its examples?

An interjection is a word or phrase that is grammatically independent from the words around it, and mainly expresses feeling rather than meaning. Oh, what a beautiful house! Uh-oh, this looks bad. Well, it’s time to say good night. Actually, um, it’s not my dog.

What are the 10 examples of interjections?


  • Hurrah! We won the game! (Emotion of joy)
  • Hurrah! I passed the exam! (Emotion of joy)
  • Alas! I failed the exam! (Emotion of sorrow)
  • Alas! My brother died. (Emotion of sorrow)
  • Wow! What a beautiful car! (Emotion of surprise)
  • Wow! How intelligent you are.
  • Oh! I forgot to bring my purse!
  • Ouch! It hurts!

What are interjections write two examples?

An interjection is a word or phrase that expresses something in a sudden or exclamatory way, especially an emotion. Yikes, uh-oh, ugh, oh boy, and ouch are common examples of interjections.

What are 5 interjections examples?

Interjection Examples They include: ahh, alas, alrighty, blah, dang, gee, nah, oops, phew, shucks, woops, and yikes. Of course, there are many more fun words to learn that express emotion!

What are the 4 types of interjection?

Interjections serve different functions (to express a greeting, joy, sorrow, surprise, approval, or to gain attention) Interjections can be classified by their purpose into three (sometimes four) categories: volitive, emotive, cognitive, and sometimes onomatopoeia.

What are the six types of interjections?

Interjections are six different types.

  • The Interjection of greeting.
  • The Interjection of joy.
  • The Interjection of attention.
  • The Interjection of approval.
  • The Interjection of surprise.
  • The Interjection of sorrow.

What are some interjection words?

What is an Interjection?

  • To express pain — Ow, ouch.
  • To express displeasure — Boo, ew, yuck, ugh, shoot, whoops, rats.
  • To express surprise — Gosh, goodness.
  • To express pleasure — Yay, yippee.
  • To express congratulations — Cheers, congratulations.
  • To express commiseration — Oh well, oh no.
  • To express fear — Eek, yikes.

How many interjections are there in English?

101 Interjections. As you read through this list, see if you can pick out the interjections that have more than one meaning or can be used in more than one way. Additional spellings or usages are listed in parentheses.

What are 4 interjections?

How many types of interjection are examples?

There are 6 types of interjections to express greeting, joy, surprise, approval, attention and sorrow, when used in sentences.

What are good interjections?

Emotive Interjection List

Yuck Eww Aww
Ouch Oh Ah
Ugh Phew Phooey
Rats Yippee
Blah Brr Eek

How many interjections are there in English grammar?

What are the 5 types of interjections?

Primary Interjection. The words that are exclusively interjections and cannot be classified as any other Parts of Speech are called Primary Interjections.

  • Secondary Interjection.
  • Mild Interjection.
  • Strong Interjection.
  • Volitive Interjection.
  • Emotive Interjection.
  • Cognitive Interjection.
  • What are some common interjections?

    10 Most Common Interjections

    • yes.
    • oh.
    • yeah.
    • no.
    • hey.
    • hi.
    • hello.
    • hmm.

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