What forms the Iliopectineal Arch?

What forms the Iliopectineal Arch?

The iliopectineal arch (Fig. 29.7) is a condensation of the transversalis fascia that attaches laterally to the supe- rior anterior iliac spine and travels medially to insert on the iliopectineal eminence.

What is Iliopectineal Arch?

The Iliopectineal arch is a thickened band of fused iliac fascia and psoas fascia passing from the posterior aspect of the inguinal ligament anteriorly across the front of the femoral nerve to attach to the iliopubic eminence of the hip bone posteriorly.

Where is the Iliopectineal Arch?

il·i·o·pec·tin·e·al arch a thickened band of fused iliac and psoas fascia passing posteriorly from the posterior aspect of the inguinal ligament across the anterior aspect of the femoral nerve to attach to the iliopectineal eminence of the hip bone.

What is the Iliopectineal ligament?

Background: The iliopectineal ligament is the most stout anterior part of the iliopectineal membrane. It separates “lacuna musculorum” laterally from “lacuna vasorum” medially. This ligament is an important guide in the safe anterior approach to the acetabulum.

What is the fascia Transversalis?

The transversalis fascia is a thin layer of connective tissue lining most of the abdominal cavity between the posterior surface of the transversus abdominis and superficial to the extraperitoneal fat and peritoneum.

What is Iliopectineal Bursa?

The iliopectineal bursa is the largest bursa in the region of the hip joint. Enlargement of the bursa occurs in several conditions and may be manifested by groin pain, a pelvic or inguinal mass, or lower extremity edema due to compression of the external iliac or common femoral vein.

What causes iliopectineal bursitis?

Iliopsoas bursitis is mainly caused by certain types of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis, acute trauma and overuse injury.

Where is the iliopectineal eminence?

An eminence on the upper aspect of the pubic bone above the acetabulum, marking the junction of the bone with the ilium.

Is transversalis fascia deep fascia?

Thus, transversalis fascia is the innermost layer of endoabdominal fascia and, consequently, not synonymous with it. We assert that transversalis fascia is the inner epimysium of transversus abdominis muscle; no separate deep investing fascia exists.

How is transversalis fascia related to the peritoneum?

The transversalis fascia (or transverse fascia) is a thin aponeurotic membrane of the abdomen. It lies between the inner surface of the transverse abdominal muscle and the parietal peritoneum….

Transversalis fascia
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How is Iliopectineal bursitis treated?

Traditionally the initial treatment of iliopsoas bursitis includes rest, stretching of the hip flexor muscles, strengthening exercises of the hip rotators and physical therapy. Generally successful stretching exercises to alleviate or ease the symptoms are the ones involving a hip extension, done for 6 to 8 weeks.

Where is the Iliopectineal Bursa located?

Iliopsoas bursitis is an inflammation of the bursa located beneath the iliopsoas muscle. This muscle is located in front of the hip. A bursa is a fluid-filled sac between bones, muscles, tendons, and skin. It provides cushion between tissue to decrease friction and irritation.

What is Ileopubic eminence?

Medial to the anterior inferior iliac spine is a broad, shallow groove, over which the iliacus and psoas major muscles pass. This groove is bounded medially by an eminence, the iliopubic eminence (or iliopectineal eminence), which marks the point of union of the ilium and pubis.

What is fascia Transversalis?

What is Endoabdominal fascia?

Parietal abdominal fascia (endoabdominal fascia) may be the fascia that covers the abdominal cavity, or a generic term including extraperitoneal and visceral fascia. For some authors, endoabdominal fascia comprises: 1) transversalis fascia and 2) investing abdominal (deep, intermediate and superficial).

What causes Iliopectineal bursitis?

What is the Iliopectineal Bursa?

Where is iliopectineal eminence found?

What is the function of iliopubic eminence?

The superior surface of superior ramus of pubis is bounded, laterally, by a rough eminence, the iliopubic eminence (iliopectineal eminence), which serves to indicate the point of junction of the ilium and pubis, and below by a prominent ridge which extends from the acetabular notch to the pubic tubercle.

What is Buck’s fascia?

Buck’s fascia is the deep layer of the penile fascia that covers both the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum in separate fascial compartments.

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