What is an example of dehumanize?

What is an example of dehumanize?

Prior work suggests that people who dehumanize often rate “others” as less evolved on an evolutionary scale. For example, people blatantly dehumanize and rate Arabs and Muslims as less human than other groups such as Americans or Europeans (9).

What is dehumanize in a sentence?

Britannica Dictionary definition of DEHUMANIZE. [+ object] : to treat (someone) as though he or she is not a human being. Inspectors have observed terrible factory conditions that dehumanize workers. The government’s propaganda is meant to dehumanize the enemy.

What are other words for dehumanizing?


  • corrupt,
  • debauch,
  • degrade,
  • demean,
  • deprave,
  • pervert,
  • poison,
  • How do you use dehumanizing?

    How to use dehumanize in a sentence. To those songs I trace my first glimmering conception of the dehumanizing character of slavery. There was something discomfortingly dehumanizing in that intent appraisal. I remembered that Carlisle and Robert Owen had published books of the same immoral and dehumanizing tendency.

    What groups have been dehumanized?

    Less privileged groups are dehumanized more than others But Chinese, South Koreans, and Mexican immigrants were rated as being at a lower rung of humanity. Arabs and Muslims were perceived as being the least evolved compared with Americans.

    How does dehumanization affect a person?

    Being treated as incompetent, unintelligent, unsophisticated, and uncivilized results in aversive self-awareness and self-blame, leading to feelings of guilt and shame. On the other hand, denials of Human Nature constitute more severe forms of maltreatment.

    Can you dehumanize yourself?

    Research in Psychological Science, however, suggests that we can also dehumanize ourselves, setting into motion a cyclical process through which performing antisocial behavior causes us to view ourselves as less human, leading in turn to further antisocial action.

    What are some examples of dehumanization in night?

    In the book night, dehumanization is seen by public executions starving the prisoners, and separating the families. My first example is separation of family. In the book nights separation of family was like the little boy was getting separated from his family like his mother and sister.

    What’s the opposite of dehumanize?

    Opposite of to corrupt or pervert the quality or character of someone or something. elevate. ennoble. aggrandize.

    What’s another word for objectified?

    Find another word for objectify. In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for objectify, like: materialize, depersonalize, make objective, substantiate, manifest, actualize, incarnate, externalize, personalize, exteriorize and externalise.

    Is it Dehumanise or dehumanize?

    verb (used with object), de·hu·man·ized, de·hu·man·iz·ing. to regard, represent, or treat (a person or group) as less than human: Society still has a tendency to devalue and dehumanize those with disabilities and to suppress their voices.

    What is dehumanization in a relationship?

    For instance, dehumanization perpetration is characterized by treating someone as incompetent, stupid or as a means to end (Haslam, 2006), and is thus likely to be associated with engaging in other toxic and aversive relationship behaviors.

    How do people feel when they are dehumanized?

    What are the two types of dehumanization?

    There are two kinds of dehumanization, Dobson noted. Animalistic dehumanization entails viewing ourselves or others as being incapable of higher-level processes like self-control, while mechanistic dehumanization is closer to how we think about robots and other things that don’t have emotions.

    Which of the following is an example of dehumanizing act?

    Dehumanization can occur discursively (e.g., idiomatic language that likens individual human beings to non-human animals, verbal abuse, erasing one’s voice from discourse), symbolically (e.g., imagery), or physically (e.g., chattel slavery, physical abuse, refusing eye contact).

    How does deception dehumanize?

    Deception dehumanizes by feeding false brain facts about someone’s nature. Then, the deceived mind starts associating the victims with bad people. In extreme cases, this brings about loathing and hate. Unfortunately, people are bad at figuring out what is factual and what is nonsense.

    How do you know if you are objectified?

    You do not care what a woman wants or how she feels as long as she looks good to you. You only focus on her physical appearance, such as how her clothes fit her body or the way that she moves when doing certain activities, such as working out or dancing.

    What does it mean to dehumanize a woman?

    Definition of dehumanize transitive verb. : to deprive (someone or something) of human qualities, personality, or dignity: such as. a : to subject (someone, such as a prisoner) to inhuman or degrading conditions or treatment “… you treat people with respect, you get respect back.

    How does a narcissist dehumanize you?

    Dehumanizing. Much like authoritarian regimes, narcissists classify others as inferior, unworthy, or evil to justify oppressing or attacking them. They may devalue you through dismissive remarks or hostile humor or treat you as “other,” seeking to make you feel subhuman and alone.


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