What is the direction of Nilesat?

What is the direction of Nilesat?

The Nilesat 201 located at 7.0°W today broadcasts about 350 TV channels and 122 Radio channels with a large number of them being free. The satellite carries 24 Ku-band and 4 Ka-band transponders to provide direct-to-home television, radio and data-transmissions in the Middle East, and North Africa.

What is a satellite for TV?

Satellite television is just like broadcast TV, but instead of sending signals from towers to antennas attached to your television set, signals are sent through space using satellites. The signals originate with the programmers — TV channels — who send their feeds to DISH.

Where is Nilesat located?

Nilesat, which was established in 1996 with the purpose of operating Egyptian satellites and their associated mission control center and ground stations. The two control centers are located in Cairo and Alexandria.

How can I get TV channels?

How to watch local TV channels over the internet

  1. Purchase an HD antenna.
  2. Subscribe to the TV channel’s app.
  3. Live TV streaming app subscription.
  4. Live stream local news online on their website.
  5. Watch the clips on Youtube.

Where are the TV satellites?

The satellites used for broadcasting television are usually in a geostationary orbit 37,000 km (23,000 mi) above the earth’s equator. The advantage of this orbit is that the satellite’s orbital period equals the rotation rate of the Earth, so the satellite appears at a fixed position in the sky.

How do I tune my satellite TV?

Switch on the TV, and make sure the satellite antenna (aerial) cable is properly connected to the TV. Press the [HOME] button of your remote controller. Go to the Settings* menu, located at the bottom of the Home screen. Select Channel Setup → Digital Setup → Satellite Set-up → Digital Satellite Tuning.

How do you scan a satellite TV?

Pick the remote control and press the “Menu” button. Scroll down to “Settings” and click on it. Scroll through the options till you get to “Channel Scan” OR “Rescan” OR “Tun” OR “Auto-tune” Select the “Auto Tuning” option.

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